Magic Trick, Kevin Morby, Joseph Childress
February 22,2014
The Chapel
San Francisco, Ca

Folkin Shit Up With Magic Trick, Kevin Morby and Joseph Childress

            We love to headbang, but we also enjoy a little variety from time to time. Candice proposed we mellow it up for a night and go see some quality non-metalness. I was all, “Folkin-A right!” She said, “No, it’s actually (((folkYEAH!))).  Folkin-A Right isn’t till summer.” I was down nonetheless. Our friendly neighbor Tim (Cohen of The Fresh and Onlys)’s band Magic Trick was playing. I was also interested in seeing the opener Joseph Childress, who I’d seen years ago in Nevada City and really liked. So attending this show was the obvious solution to our Saturday Night arithmetic. Which is funny cause Saturday Night Arithmetic is the name of the band I haven’t started yet. Anyhoo, we headed down to The Chapel just in time to get some drinks, say hello to our chance encounters, and score a table at which to rest and enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

Joseph Childress took the stage and, unlike when I saw him alone with his acoustic prowess way back when, he was accompanied by a whole band, including our friend Taka Tozowa who we saw last summer play with Del the Funky Homosapien and Dan the Automator in Stern Grove. Tonight they all sounded quality as Eff and I really liked the full-on band accompaniment, everyone shredded cheese so to speak. Mr. Childress has a very original and recognizable voice and boy can he sing. He carries a tune like a Sherpa carries mountaineers! He had the crowd groovin it up too. There was this flower version of a no-contact “mosh” pit up by the stage, it was chock full of vibes n’ shit. I dug it.

joseph childress

Joseph Childress

Next on the agenda was Kevin Morby. I had a bit of trouble getting super hyped on ol’ Kev. He has a great voice and his songs are well-written, don’t get me wrong. I just felt a lack of originality I guess. I was getting kinda bored during his set to be honest. But I also love Ace of Base, so take my word carefully.

Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby

The third and final act of the night was Magic Trick. They’ve got all kinds of shit going on up there on stage. They had a steal guitar for one, which peeked my interest. Also a keyboard. There was also the same amount of boys and girls, which I found Equally awesome. Get it? I thought their set was really good. Candice and I stepped up front to get the full experience and oh what an experience it was. Their songs are masterfully written, particularly the choreographed vocals; Tim sings lead and the three ladies highlight it all with a beautifully harmonized back-up -kinda like the sprinkles on ice-cream. Or better yet, the Magic Shell. Have you ever had that shit? Cause it’s amazing. So yeah, we both really enjoyed the set. Especially when Tim sang a song about the corner store by our house. We felt totally in the club cause we too shop at said store.

Magic Trick

Magic Trick

It was kinda rad cause after the show we ran into some dudes from my hometown who I hadn’t seen in a while. It turns out that my friend Ben and his wife are also good friends of Tim Cohen, so we all agreed to hang tough next time they’re around. Maybe you can meet up too. Chances are if you live in San Francisco you or someone you know is from Nevada City, so fuck it let’s all kick it! We can meet up when Folkin-A Right comes to town. Text me a smiley face to confirm!


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